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At Nordicya we pride ourselves in our ability to aid businesses. We are a consulting company based in Finland with the primary aim of helping businesses throughout Finland and other Nordic countries. Our vast range of previous experience has allowed us to develop a strong position within the consulting industry, as a company that can resolve any issue that your business may be experiencing. The niche of our business is that we have begun to target market of Arabic speaking businesses. We aid Nordic businesses by helping them to expand their market base into a whole range of new countries. These include but are not exclusive to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain.

We take pride in all of the work that we do, showing both a sense of care and passion towards all of our clients. We make sure that no matter what issue is presented to us, we make an impact through our work. We define ourselves by the work that we produce, with no task or objective being too much for us. Our company is built on passion and pride and this can clearly be observed through all of our work. Whether your company is an early stage start-up, established corporation, or not for profit organisation, we can help your business to expand and grow.

Industry Expertise

Since our beginning we have been devoted to assist Public and Private Organizations to develop strategies that ensure substantial success and good performance.

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Our Services

Our services cover a broad scope, involving a range of different businesses and industries. All of our services are tailor made and designed to meet your business objectives. 

B2B Matching

Our business to business services cover a range of different services and can be tailor designed to meet the goals of your business at the current stage of your business cycle.

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B2B Matching Involves the following services: Foreign Company Identification, company reputation check , negotiation talks, negotiating the deal and culture consulting services.

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Commercial & Negotiation Talks

After you have identified a good company to work with, one who you believe your company is a good match for, you can begin negotiation and structuring your partnership.

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During this process, we will help you maintain good diplomacy throughout your negotiations to ensure that both your business and the one in question can benefit from your deal. We will ensure throughout the whole process that your business culture, matches the culture of the business you are trying to co-operate with. We believe that understanding the culture of the business and the country itself is crucial throughout the entire negotiation process. If we find that there are no benefits to be made, then it may be better to search for another business to work with.

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Our marketing services have been designed to successfully increase our client’s customer base as well as improve their reputation as a brand. We cover both B2C and B2B businesses to broaden the company’s marketing presence in both their domestic market and the Middle East. We will begin through an analysis of your current marketing strategies, identifying where they can be modified to increase conversion rates. Once we have done this, we will help your business to design a marketing strategy based on your aims and objectives, to successfully penetrate the market that we have identified.

Whatever your brand has to tell, we at Nordicya will work closely to construct compelling brand back stories and engaging narratives that will allow your brand to thrive and move forward in the middle eastern region. Focused on digital media consultancy and business campaigns, we rely on digital channels for the smooth functioning of services benefiting the brands. It is the people who define us and we commit to long-lasting relationships with best people that make us great.


Our consulting services cover a broad horizon of markets and businesses. each of our services will be specially tailored to meet your exact business objectives and company goals. Here are the consulting services that we provide.

Culture Consulting Services

Our marketing services utilize our understanding of the culture. Marketing in the middle east is significantly different to marketing in Nordic countries. Differences in culture regarding,

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religion and social features, mean that marketing campaigns must be altered in a range of ways to better appeal to your customer base. We can adapt your campaign to align with these differences and improve the success of your campaigns!

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Digital Management Consulting

Digital management is a new skill, developed in the 21’st century that utilizes technology to manage your teams. Our consultants will work with you to develop a range of digital management skills from budget allocations, team structures and campaign management systems.

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